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I help people find peace in their relationships to Self, Others and to Spirit.

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                                            Dean Schutz@mojoworksart

  Are you here because you or someone you love could use some help with anxiety, anger, low self-esteem or just feeling stuck?  I have first-hand experience on how these challenges can make life feel like a struggle. Everyone deserves to be confident, happy and to feel loved. I have been taught that our connection to the Divine is directly related to how we relate to ourselves and those around us.  To me, self development and spiritual development are the same.

     I've been a "coach" my whole life! Helping people in need. But when I turned 20 (30 years ago now) I became super passionate about discovering and sharing ways to heal our wounds and step into our power. Early on in my journey I was fascinated to notice that the mystics and scientists have taught similar perspectives, about how we are all connected and how our perception profoundly affects our experience. 

     I offer two hour sessions with people out in nature, on the phone or a video chat. Helping them with all kinds of emotional and spiritual issues. I use intuitive, humorous and creative ways to see the underlining patterns that are keeping them stuck, and then focus on a more positive perspective, filled with love and  empowerment. 

 I also have on going Tribal Dance gatherings, Men's Circles and other events. Please see down below for more information.

     If you would like my help, please reach out and call, text, or email me.  



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Single Session


This 2hr private session will support you to shift your perspective and make positive changes in your life.

The Jedi Special


This package is designed to support you over 3 months.

Two 2hr sessions per  month.

Two 30min phone check in's per month.

3 Session Package


Clients save money and benefit greatly from the depth of several sessions.

The Free Bird

Wanting to customize sessions to meet your unique needs? Call me to create your ideal level of support.  

12 Session Package


Sign up for a full year of monthly sessions.  This year long commitment is guaranteed to take you to the next level of your potential. Reap the benefits of consistent support.


                               Talking Trees 2


Come join us for a day long rite of passage . Since humans have been communicating with each other they have been communicating with nature. This event takes place on the beautiful and magical mount Elphinstone. First we will gather as a group to learn this ancient shamanistic technique of finding clarity and connection. We will also share our struggles and intentions. Then we go on our solo vision quests, At the end we gather again to celebrate. Mike Allen has been doing such journeys for the last 23 years and is honored to guild folks through this potent process. Plant medicine (psilocybin) can be used for this experience but is not necessary. We will be hosting an event for youth in the future. This one is for folks above 30.


Date: August 2nd

Location: Roberts Creek

Cost: $ 100

                                                Talking Trees  a  Rite of Passage
Have you ever wanted to spend a couple of days in nature alone and experience a rite of passage? Well, come join us on a (solo) 2-day, 2-night journey up Mt Elphinstone in Xwesam (Roberts Creek). Many cultures throughout time have created rites of passage for folks who are looking for help with healing, transition, connection and clarity. I have been going into nature and taking part in these rites every year for the last 22 years. Each occasion has profoundly enriched my life.  It's a huge honour for me to hold space while folks take this passage. I will be fairly close by.  We will do a sweat lodge a few days before the quest. There will be 6 participants.

Initiation rituals were not done for the initiate’s benefit. They were done to keep the Universe alive for all of us.” Martin Prechtel
Dates: 2022
June 10, 11, 12  
Starts Friday @6pm and ends Sunday @5pm
Sweat is June 6 or 7th at 6pm TBA
Cost: $125
To register, please reach me by phone or email.  To save your spot please send payment to
Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions: or 604-989-0933.

      Tribal Dance  an intentional movement class.

Dance and conscious group work have been integral to my happiness and growth. I'm honored to offer these sessions that combine both. Let's use dance as a way to feel united and empowered! Join us while we dance with our joy and our pain. Music will be mostly intentional hip hop, soul, funk...

“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.” — Vicki Baum

Dates:  2022
June 8,22, 
July 6, 20
August 3, 17        

We will pick up again in October.

Location: Yoga by the Sea, Roberts Creek
Time: 7-8:30pm every other Wednesday night
Cost: $15 drop-in or 3 for $40 or 6 for $66 

 Drop ins are welcome, I'm requesting you sign up the night before. The space is limited to 20.
To register, please send payment to
Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.

       or 604-989-0933


           Wolf Pack a Men's Group

Come and join our gathering of men with the purpose of supporting each other as we share our challenges, dreams, and gifts.  Lets make a pact to find strength in our vulnerability and compassion in our connection. There is a powerful alchemy that takes place when people unite with an open heart and shared intention. I am excited and honoured to help guide this process.
Dates: 2022
June 1, 15, 29
July 13, 27
August 10, 

We will pick up again in October; probably inside at Yoga by the Sea

Time: 7-8:30pm
Location: First one is in Xwesam. (Roberts Creek) On the shore at the point across the river from the pier.


Cost: $15 drop-in or 3 for $40 or 6 for $66

Drop ins are welcome, I'm requesting you sign up the night before.


For any questions or suggestions please reach me at 604 989 0933 or
To register, please send payment to




Working with Mike shed a whole new light on how I perceive the world. He listens with grounded attention, intuitively gets straight to the heart of what needs to be looked at, and provides genuinely useful suggestions, tools, and guidance. Mike has a deep connection with nature, and a beautiful way of seeing magic in everything: this work is truly his gift.


Mike Allen perceives the world through a standpoint of unity and compassion. This is reflected in the way he cares for his community and all those who come in contact with him. He has a deep reverence for all of life/nature, as well as an intuitive sense about how to relate and connect with those around him—his presence creates unity and brings out the best in people. I know this through my own personal experiences with Mike. His presence radiates a comfort that allows you to see deeper into your own self, visions, dreams, heart, and fears—and through his humor and genuine care, Mike invites you to love yourself deeper and accept yourself, thereby accepting and loving the world around you. It’s a beautiful and powerful gift he holds and a truly joyful and enlightening experience to relate to him. He is a wonderful listener and easily bridges the wisdom that comes from experience in a way that is easy and relatable.


Mike is a great listener who has an open mind and a keen ear for detail. His professional demeanor and years of varied experiences make him a one-of-a kind counselor. Mike is caring, attentive, level-headed and takes his work seriously, and he also knows the time for a good injection of appropriate humor. I would recommend Mike if you are have need of an empathetic and active listener and wise counsel. 

-Dr. Chris Hergesheimer

Mike came into my life at a time when I was dealing with a painful and heartbreaking separation. Mike’s deep listening and attentiveness allowed me to feel immediately safe to open up and explore my vulnerabilities. Mike consistently showed up to facilitate vivid self-realizations and moments of insights that left me with much to reflect on until our next meetup. I will always remember one particular session where I became aware of a visible shift that had occurred, and I was ready to move away from grieving to taking action.

I can’t imagine having come out of this experience in the way that I did without Mike’s profound help. Mike holds a certain quality to him that is difficult to put into words but most definitely makes him stand out as a coach. He is connected and knows how to speak to people in a way that means something to them. His ability to relate and show empathy made me feel far less alone…on what could have been a very lonely journey.

He is an outstanding coach, friend and human being.


Mike has been my confidante, life coach, and conversational sanctuary for over a decade. He possesses a rare ability to remove the panic and stress from everything entrusted to him, stripping it of its weight and breaking it down into bite-sized intuitive models for digestion. This gentle guidance is something I've benefited from and value tremendously.


When the going gets tough, Mike is there like a breath of fresh air to help you sweep away the cobwebs of your tattered soul and get it sparkling and bright again. Mike has a no-nonsense approach wrapped up in a comforting blanket of heart balm. Highly recommended for any weary heart.

-Karen Spicer

I strongly recommend Mike as a Life Coach. He holds a safe and sacred space for deep transformation. His communication style is a perfect combination of directness and humor, which really allows one to hear and feel safe and seen. If you're looking for a clear and light perspective on your current dilemma, Mike is a great coach that brings his big heart, clear mind, and years of personal and professional experience to the session. He’s down to earth, grounded in love, and really supported me through a challenging moment in life. Really appreciate you, Mike! All around excellent experience. 

-Mahan Khalsa

Mike is a great communicator with an incredible talent for listening, asking great questions, and presenting feedback in a manner that is easy to digest and on point. His sessions include a deeply resonant connection with nature, and he manages to deftly yet gently open up some of those deeper emotions within.

-Dana Wilson 


Mike Allen's superpowers are in his heart and he uses them well!

-David Roche

Mike is a dedicated and committed energetic seeker and knower. He has a delightful sense of presence, humor, and authenticity. He has consistently delved into knowing his true deep self, and is therefore able to use his own experiences as a tuning fork for those who are drawn to work with him as a life coach. He is readily available to assist and be present in guiding you to a connected and richer life experience. 


When you look into Mike’s eyes or he into yours there is a soul exchange. He radiates the calm confidence of a true light warrior. His work as a community mediator with troubling youth (as opposed to troubled) is inspiring, as is the many times I have watched him in service to the mentally or physically challenged. Our exchanges have always come swiftly to the point: How can I help? I wish him well as a life coach, teaching from experience the highest possible perspective and a focus on solution over rumination.

-Melissa Dipietro

Mike is a sincere person with a deep passion for supporting individuals and community in their journeys to joy.



When I spend time with Mike, the room seems brighter, I feel wiser and my smile goes

on forever!❤❤❤

-Keith Boswort

Mike is solidly on your side as a safe, compassionate, and wise guide. Wherever your personal journey takes you, Mike will keep you tethered to earthly ground and the magical infinite sky of possibilities.


Mike Allen has an incredible ability to listen deeply to a person and digest their experience. He uses this ability to question the root causes of a person's existence and like a physiotherapist to give them meaningful exercises to heal and discover themselves.

-Dr. Hershel Frimer

Mike has what seems to be an unquenchable thirst for the things that make life wonderful. Love, friendship, passion, and the transformative power of connecting with others are the kinds of things that he promotes through his genuine excitement of being alive and sharing his outlook. As a friend, I have witnessed his passion for helping others on their journey, and in a professional capacity he operates in a space that honours a longing for change by asking the kinds of questions that produce positive change and real results.
-Steve WrightCreative Catalyst

Mike is a great listener and he provides insightful feedback and ideas for personal transformation. Mike is a big-hearted guy who gets in deep in the small places that so many of us men keep hidden. Mike helps people feel connected and empowered. Mike is a great guy to talk to. He's non-judgmental, open and approachable.  Mike rocks and he's a great dancer.


Mike has a zest for life and self-reflection I have rarely seen. He is a great ally and someone who ponders and assists in the deeper aspects of life. This man is a great asset and helper on the path. I highly suggest working with Mike as he brings a fresh perspective and compassionate heart to the journey we are all exploring. 

-Hjeron O'Sidhe Director, Mythmaker Productions, Warriors Path Coaching


Counselling with Mike takes place outside walking on a beach or in the woods. Mike makes nature part of the therapy and helps me open up to listen for answers. Nature always provides a sign to any struggles I might have. He is reflective and solid. He holds space and reflects back in an honest and wise manner. He comes with a deep understanding of guidance and after every session he sends an email covering the key points from our dialogue.  Our sessions are healing—deeply healing—and his kind personal manner makes communicating so easy. 

-Sandy Buck

I am amazed at what Mike can do in any space at any time with anyone (or so it seems). This is a gift that not many people—especially therapists—have. He works from where you are and helps you guide yourself towards healthier, stronger choices in your life

-Chad Hershler

Mike is easy to talk with and quick-witted. He was able to immediately identify my old patterns and coach me on ways to move forward. His nature-based spirituality resonated with me. I love that we started with a walk in my “happy place” and the homework, months later, is still propelling me forward.




Mike Allen

Roberts Creek

British Columbia, B.C. Canada

604 989 0933 

Available by appointment

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